East Midlands Industrial Archaeology Conference

Summary Details of Past Conferences

No  Date        Organiser  Venue                                              Title

 1  12/12/1970  LIHS       Leicester, Museum, New Walk                        (Industrial archaeology - A policy for the future)
 2  08/05/1971  SLHA       Lincoln, City Library and Museum                   (IA of Lincoln / Railway development of East Lincolnshire)
 3  23/10/1971  NLHC       Nottingham, Adult Education Centre                 Steam Power
 4  13/05/1972  RCHS       Leicester, Vaughan College                         A Tribute to James Brindley (1716-1772)
 5  07/10/1972  DAS        Derby, St. Helen's House                           Iron, Coal and Industrial Archaeology
 6  05/05/1973  LIHS       Leicester, Museum, New Walk                        Stockings and Bread
 7  20/10/1973  SLHA       Boston, Blackfriars, Spain Lane                    Boston as a Port
 8  11/05/1974  NLHC       Nottingham, Adult Education Centre                 "Boots" - Industry in Medicine
 9  12/10/1974  RCHS       Matlock, Tawney House, Matlock Green               Rails across the Peak
10  17/05/1975  DAS        Swadlincote, Gresley Old Hall                      Some aspects of South Derbyshire Industry
11  11/10/1975  LIHS       Loughborough, University, Edward Herbert Building  Bells, Boats and Ballast
12  22/05/1976  SLHA/BBS   Barton on Humber, Baysgarth School                 Brick and Tile Making
13  16/10/1976  NLHC       Ruddington, St. Peter's Rooms                      Framework Knitting
14  07/05/1977  RCHS       Burton-on-Trent, Town Hall                         Boats, Beer and Teapots
15  15/10/1977  DAS/PDMHS  Ashford-in-the-Water, Thornbridge Hall             Mining in the Peak District
16  13/05/1978  LIHS       Coalville, NW Leicestershire Technical College     Leicestershire Roadstone
17  28/10/1978  SLHA       Alford, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School             Watermills and Windmills
18  12/05/1979  NIAS       Nottingham, University, Portland Building          200 years of Cotton and Steam
19  27/10/1979  RCHS       Ilkeston, SE Derbyshire College                    Erewash 200
20  17/05/1980  TMS        Matlock, College of Education                      Electricity in Transport
21  18/10/1980  LIHS       Coalville, NW Leicestershire Technical College     The Leicester and Swannington Railway
22  09/05/1981  SLHA       Gainsborough, The Old Hall                         The River Trent, Spine of the East Midlands
23  17/10/1981  DAS        Derby, Derby Lonsdale College                      From Lombe to Lombard (Engineering)
24  15/05/1982  NIAS       Nottingham, University, Social Sciences Building   Nottingham Lace
25  23/10/1982  RCHS       Grantham, Harlaxton College                        25 miles from the Trent - Transport to Grantham
26  11/06/1983  TMS        Sheffield, Industrial Museum, Kelham Island        Table Knives to Tramway Forks - Specialist Steel Industries
27  15/10/1983  NIAG       Northampton, University Centre                     Leather Manufacture through the Ages
28  12/05/1984  SLHA       Stamford, Arts Centre                              Buildings and Building Materials in Stamford
29  18/05/1985  LIHS       Coalville, NW Leicestershire Technical College     The History, Excavation & Restoration of Moira Furnace
30  19/10/1985  DAS        Buxton, High Peak College                          Rock Around the Peak - Quarrying in the Peak District
31  10/05/1986  NIAS       Mansfield, West Notts College                      Mansfield - Cotton, Coal, Iron and Stone
32  18/10/1986  RCHS       Ilkeston, South East Derbyshire College            Railway Bridges, and a Viaduct Too
33  13/06/1987  NIAG       Northampton, University Centre                     Boot and Shoe Construction and Manufacture
34  24/10/1987  SLHA       Market Rasen, De Aston School                      Farm Buildings and their Uses
35  21/05/1988  DAS        Chesterfield, College of Technology and Art        There's No Fuel like an Old Fuel (Solid Fuel Manufacture)
36  15/10/1988  LIHS       Wigston, College of Further Education              A Stitch in Time : 1589-1989
37  13/05/1989  RCHS       Nottingham, Clarendon College                      Midland Counties Railway - 150 years
38  14/10/1989  NIAS       Nottingham, Clarendon College                      Effluent Nottingham
39  19/05/1990  NIAG       Corby, East Carlton Country Park                   Ironstone - Prehistory to 1990
40  13/10/1990  DAS        Alfreton, Alfreton Hall                            Butterley 200
41  18/05/1991  SLHA       Skegness, Embassy Centre                           A Day at the Seaside
42  12/10/1991  LIHS       Loughborough, University, Martin Hall              A Brush with Transport
43  16/05/1992  NIAS       Nottingham, Basford Hall                           Nottingham's Dyeing Industry
44  17/10/1992  RCHS       Nottingham, Clarendon College                      Railway Stations of Nottingham
45  08/05/1993  DAS        Belper, Sports Centre                              Strutting around Belper
46  30/10/1993  SLHA       Lincoln, Riseholme College                         More Power to the Farmer's Elbow
47  07/05/1994  PDMHS      Matlock Bath, Pavilion                             Up in the Dumps of Derbyshire
48  24/10/1994  LIHS       Coalville, Snibston Discovery Park                 Coalville - The Pits
49  13/05/1995  NIAS       West Bridgford, Masonic Hall                       Owd yer Tight Please - Ding Ding! (Nottingham Transport)
50  14/10/1995  joint      Loughborough, University, Edward Herbert Building  1970-1995 :Celebration Meeting
51  11/05/1996  NIAG       Weedon, Village Hall                               Transport through the Watford Gap
52  12/10/1996  RCHS       Derby, College of Railway Technology               Derby Canal, Past, Present and Future
53  10/05/1997  DAS        New Mills, School and VIth Form College            (Not so) New Mills
54  18/10/1997  SLHA       Cranwell, RAF College                              RAF Lincolnshire
55  16/05/1998  LIHS       Loughborough, Grammar School                       Leicester's Water Supply Industry
56  17/10/1998  BHS        Burton-on-Trent, Bass Museum                       Here for the Beer
57  08/05/1999  NIAS       Newark, Town Hall                                  Bridges, Beer and Ball Bearings
58  16/10/1999  NIAG       Northampton, Nene College                          The Northampton Shoe Worker
59  06/05/2000  RCHS       Derby, Aston Court Hotel                           Round the Houses in Derby
60  15/10/2000  DAS        Alfreton, Alfreton Hall                            Looking after the Workers - Industrial Housing in NE Derbyshire
61  19/05/2001  SLHA       Grimsby, Central Library                           Fish and Ships
62  20/10/2001  LIHS       Melton Mowbray, Council Offices                    A Taste of Melton - Pork Pies and Stilton Cheese
63  20/05/2002  NIAS       Chilwell, College House School                     Busy Beeston
64  19/10/2002  NIAG       Yardley Hastings, Memorial Hall                    Splashing, Sparking and Squires  - The Technology of the Country House
65  17/05/2003  RCHS       Nottingham, New College (Clarendon College)        400 Years of Rayles in Nottingham
66  18/10/2003  DAS/ILHS   Ilkeston, Royal Regency Banqueting Suite           The Show Must Go On - History and Buildings of the Entertainment Industry
67  08/05/2004  SLHA       Grantham, Guildhall Arts Centre                    Bang in the Middle of Grantham - Engineering in Grantham
68  16/10/2004  LIHS       Ashby, Grammar School                              Pottering around Ashby
69  21/05/2005  NIAS       Worksop, St. Anne's Church Hall                    Worksop at Work
70  01/10/2005  NIAG       Towcester, Leisure Centre                          Towcester at the Crossroads
71  20/05/2006  DAS        Darley Abbey, Village Hall                         Darley Abbey and its Mills
72  14/10/2006  RCHS       Wirksworth, Town Hall and Railway Station          Wandering around Wirksworth
73  12/05/2007  SLHA       Boston, High Haven Technology College              Peat, Paddles and Pumps - The Draining of The Lincolnshire Fens
74  13/10/2007  LIHS       Foxton, Robert Monk Hall                           The Foxton Lock Flight and the "Thomas" Lift
75  10/05/2008  NIAS       Bakersfield Community Centre                       Sailing through Sneinton's History
76  18/10/2008  NIAG       Wellingborough                                     Wellingborough - An Industrious Town
77  16/05/2009  DAS        Hadfield, Glossopdale Community College            Water in Longdendale
78  03/10/2009	RCHS/TMS   Crich, National Tramway Museum                     Trams in the Limelight
79  22/05/2010  LIHS       Swannington Village Hall                           Swanning Around Swannington
80  16/10/2010	SLHA       Holbeach, University of Lincoln Campus             A Taste of Lincolnshire
81  21/05/2011	PDHMS      Matlock Bath, Pavilion                             Lead Mining in the Peak District
82  15/10/2011	NIAG       Cogenhoe Village Hall                              Stoned in Northamptonshire
83  19/05/2012	RCHS       Long Eaton, West Park Leisure Centre               Trent 150 (Trent Station 1862-1968)
84  12/10/2012	DAS        Retford, St. Joseph's Church Hall                  Transport and Trade in the Trent Valley
85  27/04/2013	LIHS       University of Lecicester                           Manufacturing - Past, Present and Future
86  16/10/2013	SLHA       Winthorpe                                          Oil's Well That Ends Well
87  10/05/2014  NEDIAS     Chesterfield                                       Chesterfield - The Centre of Industrial England
88  09/05/2015  DAS        Crich, Glebe Field Centre                          Transport Innovations of the Butterley Company
89  10/10/2015  LIHS       Swannington Village Hall                           New Sights at Old Sites
90  14/05/2016	RCHS       National Forest Visitor Centre                     The Ashby Canal
91  12/11/2016  SLHA       Christ's Hospital School, Lincoln                  Ploughshares into Swords
92  06/05/2017  NEDIAS     Cromford Mill                                      Cromford Threads
93  14/10/2017  NIAG       Northampton, National Training Academy for Rail    Engineered in Northamptonshire
94  18/05/2018	DAS        Long Eaton, West Park Leisure Centre               Electricity from Coal
95  06/10/2018  LIHS       Market Harborough                                  Keeping One in Suspenders!
96  11/05/2019  RCHS       Kirkby-in-Ashfidld, Summit Centre                  Mansfield and Pinxton Railway (1819)
Key to EMIAC organising societies:
BHS        Brewery History Society
DAS        Derbyshire Archaeological Society
ILHS        Ilkeston Local History Society
LIHS        Leicestershire Industrial Archaeological Society
NEDIAS   North East Derbyshire Industrial Archaeology Society 
NIAG       Northamptonshire Industrial Archaeology Group
NIAS       Nottinghamshire Industrial Archaeology Society
NLHC      Nottinghamshire Local History Council
PDHMS   Peak District Mines Historical Society
RCHS      Railway and Canal Historical Society (East Midlands Group)
SLHA      Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology
TMS        Tramway Museum Society

A brief history of EMIAC is also available.

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