UK Renumberings - Future

The UK telephone system has undergone a number of changes over the years to release capacity for the ever-expanding demand for new numbers. More changes are likely in the future.

OFTEL has designated numbering capacity in certain areas, presumably to allow migration to 8-digit numbering, in the following areas. However, no formal announcements have yet been made regarding renumbering in these areas, and OFTEL have indicated that no changes will take place without public consulation, so please do not assume that that renumbering will take place as indicated, or, indeed, at all.

The plan for England appears to be based on the English Regions, with the exception that the Thames Valley seems to have been separated off from the rest of South East England.

Some recent changes to the designations are yet to be incorporated in these pages.

"All Wales" - (029) is already in use for Cardiff

More large cities: Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Bradford, Brighton, Cambridge, Derby, Guildford, Middlesbrough, Oxford, Preston, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton and Wigan.
Now only of historical interest - gradually superseded by the individual area plans below.

East Anglia

South East England - (023) is already in use for Portsmouth and Southampton - and Thames Valley

South West England

East Midlands and West Midlands - (024) is already in use for Coventry

North West England

Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire

North East England

Southern Scotland

Northern Scotland

The perceptive will have worked out that there won't be enough (02x) codes to go round on this basis.  Presumably (03x) codes will need to be used.

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